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Acoustic Panels Blog

Acoustic Panels for Restaurants and Dining

According to a recent Zagat survey, noise has become the second-biggest complaint among diners, behind lousy service. Not only is excess noise a annoying to guests, but it has a negative effect on your bottom line. In noisy environments servers and bartenders are 3 times more likely to make order errors leading to waste and [...]

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Useful Tips to Buy Acoustic Sound Panels for Home

The market is flooded with products for soundproofing a room. There is a vast variety of items available to soundproof the walls, ceiling and floors and there are acoustic treatments that won't stop noise from leaving or entering the room, but will stop the unwanted echoes from making sound intelligible. The creation of acoustic sound panels [...]

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Home Theater Room Acoustic Treatment

If you have a home theater room but you are just not quite getting the acoustics from it that you want then it may be time to look into a home theater room acoustic treatment.  By improving the acoustics in your home theater room you can really increase the quality of what you are watching [...]

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What is the most important purchase for a recording studio?

We've been saying this for years, and now the pros are going on record... Take it directly from Mastering Engineer, Ian Shepherd, after learning your craft the best investment you can make in your room is monitoring and acoustic room treatment.  (The entire video is worth watching, but skip to 22:10 if you are in a hurry) Now the [...]

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What To Use For Soundproofing?

That would depend on how you will be using the Soundproofing Treatments. Will you be: Soundproofing a AuditoriumSoundproofing a BarSoundproofing a Broadcast StudioSoundproofing a CafeteriaSoundproofing a Call CenterSoundproofing a CeilingSoundproofing a ChurchSoundproofing a ClassroomSoundproofing a Computer RoomSoundproofing a Conference RoomSoundproofing a Fellowship HallSoundproofing a FloorSoundproofing a Gun RangeSoundproofing a GymnasiumSoundproofing a KennelSoundproofing a Multi-PurposeSoundproofing a Music RoomSoundproofing [...]

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Where should I place the panels in the room?

Q: Where should I place the panels in the room? A: The science behind this tells us that corners and the first points of reflections are where you get the most bang for your buck. An easy way to find the first point of reflection is to take a mirror and run it along the wall [...]

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Listening Environment Not Perfect Without Acoustic Treatment Sound Panels and Bass Traps

DESPITE SPENDING $1000’s ON HIGH END GEAR, AUDIOPHILES NOT GETTING THE ULTIMATE  LISTENING EXPERIENCE Chicago, IL - State of the art audio equipment may cost as much as a new car, but the listening environment cannot be perfect without proper acoustic treatment.Why? Because the room is not acoustically balanced. Custom acoustic sound panels and bass traps improve the [...]

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How many acoustic panels do I need in my room?

Q: How many acoustic panels do I need in my room? A: Ideally You hire a professional acoustician like Bob Hodas to tell you exactly what your room needs, for the rest of us on a budget… start with a DIY Basic Room Acoustic Measurement with acoustic analysis software like Freeware Room EQ Wizard (Win, Mac and Linux) or Fuzzmeasure [...]

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Why Do You Need Room Correction

Why Do You Need Room CorrectionIn an ideal world, there would not be any need for equalization, room correction, room treatment, bass management, crossover settings or level adjustment. Sound systems would be perfect on their own without any room correction and would reproduce perfect signals in all rooms. Plus, if everyone had perfect hearing and [...]

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Acoustic Panels or Accoustic Pannels for my home theater?

This has to be one of our favorite emails of all time...Q. "My friend and I are having an argument over the customized accoustic panels we are building for my home theater. Can you confirm the proper spelling? Are they called Acoustic Panels or Accoustic Pannels?"A. Acoustic Panels, please wear safety glasses and good luck!

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