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Custom Printed Acoustic Panels Sale

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Happy Thanksgiving Friends! You look beautiful, your studio walls should too... Enjoy B.O.G.O. FREE Custom Sound Absorbing Art Panels (your image, our panels). Use Coupon Code: THANKS2016 at checkout. Expires 11-24-2016

$50 Bonus Gift Card Good For ANY Acoustic Panel, Acoustic Art Panels, Bass Trap or Acoustic Diffusers

Acoustic PanelsAcoustical SolutionsLooking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Acoustic Treatments are making the world a better sounding place one room at a time. Spread the love and get a bonus $50 card when you buy a gift card of $250 or more. Valid on ALL of our acoustical solutions including acoustic panels, [...]

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FREE Acoustic Art Panels | Decorative Acoustic Wall Art Panels | Acoustic Panel Art

With only a few weeks left in 2015, we know a lot is piling up on your plate. There’s likely holiday shopping and get-togethers crammed in your schedule along with year-end deadlines and rush orders, which can make it tough to plan ahead.Mixmastered Acoustics wants to help you start 2016 on the right foot — [...]

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Sound Absorption, Bass Traps, Reflection Angles - Reason for 4BC Built Amphitheater w/ Perfect Sound

The principles that we use to help treat unwanted sound in your space are the same concepts that were used in the 4th century BC. According to Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture Music Production Blog: The Mystery Of The Greek Amphitheater Solved: For centuries acousticians have argued over the secret to the excellent acoustics at the amphitheater of Epidaurus [...]

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Acoustic Sound Panels for Commercial, Corporate, Government & Municipal Buildings

Acoustic Sound Panels for Commercial buildings, Corporate, Government & Municipal Buildings : Commercial & Corporate settings have specific acoustical requirements in order for the space to be most soundproof. Commercial & Corporate spaces like Call centers, Computer and server rooms, Conference rooms and offices will definitely benefit from acoustic panels. Government and Municipal spaces such [...]

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Useful Tips to Buy Acoustic Sound Panels for Home

The market is flooded with products for soundproofing a room. There is a vast variety of items available to soundproof the walls, ceiling and floors and there are acoustic treatments that won't stop noise from leaving or entering the room, but will stop the unwanted echoes from making sound intelligible. The creation of acoustic sound panels [...]

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