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Acoustic Panels Blog

Best Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Room


Q. “What is the one best thing I can do to improve my listening environment?"

A. We're a little partial, but we strongly suggest adding Mixmastered Acoustic Custom Built Sound Panels and Corner Bass Traps.

Acoustic Sound Panels and Bass Traps by Mixmastered Acoustics are used by churches, schools, businesses, musicians, and homeowners to improve the listening experience. 

Quality acoustic treatments are key to controlling sound & letting fans hear music the way it was intended to be heard.

Support USA Small Business and Save 15% on Acoustic Treatments Today.

We are a US based small business that hand builds all of our products using as many American made materials as humanly possible from our insulation down to our shipping boxes. When you buy our products you help keep Americans working we thank you for that. We thank you for your support on Small Business [...]

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Should I Order 2-inch or 4-inch Acoustic Panels?

Q: Should I order the 2-inch or the 4-inch panels? A: Depends on your needs, both have their purpose. As far as reverb, ringing, reflections, and sounds above 500Hz 2 inch and 4 inch panels perform exactly. If your room is sonically perfect on the low end then you can get by with just 2 inch [...]

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Our Gift to YOU! $50 OFF Your Order of ANY Acoustical Sound Treatments: Bass Traps, Framed Acoustic Sound Panels, Acoustic Sound Diffusers and more

Acoustic Sound PanelsMixmastered Acoustics has had our best year yet and this holiday we wanted to take time and give thanks to you for all of your help spreading the word about our insanely fast growing small business. As our gift to YOU, here is a promo code for $50 OFF Your order of ANY [...]

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Small Business Saturday Acoustic Panels and Sound Treatment Specials

Being a small business striving to provide the best value in acoustic sound treatments to our clients, a rewarding workplace for our employees and a significant contribution to our community is not always the easiest thing to do, especially these days. With out the support that you continue to give Mixmastered Acoustics, this would not [...]

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Sound Absorption, Bass Traps, Reflection Angles - Reason for 4BC Built Amphitheater w/ Perfect Sound

The principles that we use to help treat unwanted sound in your space are the same concepts that were used in the 4th century BC. According to Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture Music Production Blog: The Mystery Of The Greek Amphitheater Solved: For centuries acousticians have argued over the secret to the excellent acoustics at the amphitheater of Epidaurus [...]

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Acoustic Sound Panels for Commercial, Corporate, Government & Municipal Buildings

Acoustic Sound Panels for Commercial buildings, Corporate, Government & Municipal Buildings : Commercial & Corporate settings have specific acoustical requirements in order for the space to be most soundproof. Commercial & Corporate spaces like Call centers, Computer and server rooms, Conference rooms and offices will definitely benefit from acoustic panels. Government and Municipal spaces such [...]

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Useful Tips to Buy Acoustic Sound Panels for Home

The market is flooded with products for soundproofing a room. There is a vast variety of items available to soundproof the walls, ceiling and floors and there are acoustic treatments that won't stop noise from leaving or entering the room, but will stop the unwanted echoes from making sound intelligible. The creation of acoustic sound panels [...]

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What is the most important purchase for a recording studio?

We've been saying this for years, and now the pros are going on record... Take it directly from Mastering Engineer, Ian Shepherd, after learning your craft the best investment you can make in your room is monitoring and acoustic room treatment.  (The entire video is worth watching, but skip to 22:10 if you are in a hurry) Now the [...]

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