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4" Acoustic Bass Traps

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Acoustical Bass Trap Panels are a perfect solution to any unwanted noise problems in a home, business, studio, home theater, gymnasium or house of worship. Choose your custom size and color to fit your environment. 

  • High quality acoustically transparent fabric (Microsuede) is wrapped delicately around the 4 inch wood frame. 
  • Wood frames are made with 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood.   
  • Each piece is handmade for you in the USA by a team of craftsmen and designed by recording professionals. 
  • "Open-back" construction with an acoustically transparent backing fabric instead of hardwood to maximize sound absorption. 
  • Our acoustic panels outperform "studio foam" at any frequency.  Studio foam only attenuates high frequencies, while completely ignoring your mid and low end. 
  • The 4" panels are exceptionally sturdy and absorb all low, mid and high end frequencies. 
  • Tames unwanted acoustical sound frequencies and reflection in your room.
Each panel comes standard with two (2) pairs of Z clips for flush mounting.

4" Acoustic Bass Traps Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Simply the best bang for your buck.

Posted by Dave P. Los Angeles, CA on Apr 19, 2015

For years I tolerated foam soundproofing in my studio. After a client who was very particular about the sound of the room he was willing to record in, I was forced to up my game (acoustically) or risk losing a big account.

Mixmastered Acoustics was one of the names that my industry peers recommended because of their free shipping policy and great service.

Out of the 3 companies we narrowed the search down to, what made these guys stand out was how patient and non pushy they were. One other company was more interested in closing the deal than making sure we got exactly what we needed (no more and no less).

The panels arrived promptly and in perfect condition and unlike the fast food ads, the product actually looked BETTER THAN THE PICTURE!

After we installed the panels, diffusers and bass traps, we decided that we needed 2 more panels before the big session and called our sales rep Dan. He rushed the order at no extra charge and we got it in time to impress our client. Not many companies (in any industry) seem to care about there clients as much as I do, so when I come across another company that shares my values I make sure to reward their efforts with a great review.

Great Job Guys.

Dave P

Do yourself a favor and look around

Posted by Hunter Hill on Apr 19, 2015

Then come back and buy from these guys. I compared price, materials and reviews and was led right back to Mixmastered Acoustics. Feel confident that I made the best choice.