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Acoustic Corner Bass Traps - 24 x 48 x 13 (PER PAIR)

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Priced by the pair with FREE SHIPPING, this is simply the best deal on the market. Corner bass traps, at 13" deep, offer increased absorption at ultra low frequencies. Our Corner Bass Traps are built with high quality acoustic fabric wrapped around a sturdy wooden frame. These are a perfect, cost effective, acoustic solution for a sonically untamed recording studio, home studio, or even a home theater. You can count on Mixmastered Acoustics' newest bass absorber to trap a the majority of low end and 100% of mids and highs. Need a special size? Don't waste your time with another unfinished DIY project, let us build your corner bass trap today!

Don't waste your money on 'Studiofoam Acoustic Panels' because it only attenuates high frequencies, while your low end is left unaddressed.

Corner Bass Traps by Mixmastered Acoustics

  • Noticeable bass absorption for walls and corners.
  • Outperforms Auralex bass traps (acoustic foam) at any frequency.
  • While Foam is useless below 250Hz, bass traps are effective down to 65Hz.
  • Hand made in the USA by a team of recording professionals and craftsmen.
  • Use horizontally or Vertically.
  • Immediate Shipping available.

Acoustic Corner Bass Traps - 24 x 48 x 13 (PER PAIR) Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Bass Traps

Posted by Terry Mashburn on Apr 12, 2018

We love our new bass traps and the customer service is great. You guys Rock.

Very Impressed

Posted by Michael Harris on Dec 21, 2016

Fine attention to detail

Mixed review

Posted by Unknown on Dec 19, 2015

The quality of the bass traps is great for sound control but 2 corners were damaged during shipping. It's unfortunate because the rest of the product is well done.


Posted by Andre Simmons on Jan 01, 2015

The low end in my mix room is so much tighter. Before getting these, I knew that I needed to adjust for the difference between what I was hearing and what the finished mix would sound like. Now what you hear is what you get and I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with MMA.

Works Well!

Posted by Felix Nieto on Jan 01, 2015

Bought these a couple months ago and installed them recently. First off they look very nice! (Make sure you get double wrapped though). Secondly they really do their job well! You cant go wrong getting these! If you have questions their customer support is really good. You can speak to Dan himself and he is always willing to help.

Just a quick comment if any of you are reading this trying to figure out how to mount them on the wall. They are actually just supposed to be stacked on each other in the corners and not actually attached like the other products. Hope that helps anyone out there wondering.

The best upgrade for my studio.

Posted by Ross Harrell on May 30, 2014

I've been recording in a home project studio for years. I've tried everything from egg crates to cheap foam to make my listening environment more accurate, but nothing comes close to these custom made, beautiful panels made by Mixmastered Acoustics. I got the microsuede in both red and blue and treated my entire room with these bass traps on the ceiling and walls, corner bass traps, and a wall of diffusers. It looks great and now I know exactly what my speakers and instruments sound like. I've been using these panels for a couple weeks now and I find more benefits of having them every time I play, mix, and track music in my room. Dan was very helpful and professional. Mixmastered Acoustics is very transparent and honest about the materials they use because they know their products are top quality and worth every penny. Don't waste another dollar on expensive gear hoping that it will sound good- get some acoustic treatment from this place FIRST. Thanks Dan!

My room never sounded better.

Posted by Eddie K on May 30, 2014

All I can say is wow! Very impressed.

Repeat customer

Posted by Chris Vaughn on Mar 11, 2014

Reviews are great but my biggest compliment I can give is repeat business. Very consistent American made product.


Posted by Tim on Mar 10, 2014

I received 2pairs and after installation my room bass respond is much more clear compare to uninstalled time. I spoke with a staff before purchase and now I'm very satisfied ! Thanks for b2g2!