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2" Acoustic Sound Panels

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Fabric wrapped Acoustical Wall Panels are a perfect solution to any unwanted noise problems in a home, business, studio, home theater, gymnasium or house of worship.  

  • Tames unwanted echo, reverb and sound reflection in your room.
  • 2" panels are exceptionally sturdy and absorb some lows and perform best on mid and high end frequencies.
  • High quality acoustically transparent fabric is wrapped delicately around the 2 inch wood frame. 
  • Wood frames are made with 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood.   
  • Each piece is handmade for you in the USA by a team of craftsmen and designed by recording professionals. 
  • "Open-back" construction with an acoustically transparent backing fabric instead of hardwood to maximize sound absorption. 
  • Choose your custom size and color to fit your environment.
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2" Acoustic Sound Panels Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Astounding! Best move I’ve made.

Posted by robrochlin@gmail.com on Aug 14, 2018

Made a incredible difference, I’ll be buying more. Products.

Seems to be working well

Posted by Neil Singer on Mar 27, 2018

Using this to decrease the ambient noise in my medical office. With four of these in one of my exam rooms there is less echo and reverberation and my staff can no longer hear everything that I say to patients. Just purchased some more.

This is it!

Posted by Chip Davis on Aug 01, 2017

If you want a great way to give your studio the best acoustics, this is it!
If you're looking for a quality product, this is it!
If you want to get the most value for your money, this is it!
I just finished installing these 2" panels in my studio and I can tell you, it makes all the difference in the world!
Don't bother looking any further because when you want quality, price, selection and fast shipping, this is it!

Really great

Posted by Scott Lane on Aug 01, 2017

I have a few of the bass traps and the 2" panels. Best value on the internet. Made with non-irritant materials. More affordable than other companies. Makes sense to me.

The sound panels were the perfect solution

Posted by Jeff Phillips on Jul 20, 2017

The sound panels were the perfect solution to controlling the sound in a very live music room with many reflective glass surfaces. We used the double wrapped panels that produced good results. Mounting the panels was easy, even for a klutz of a handy man like myself. I will use Mixmasteracoustics for any additional projects.

Beautiful absorption!

Posted by Donald Hoffpauir on Jun 05, 2017

I was looking for a few finishing touches to my studio room and found the 2" acoustic panels in a web search. Since the panels are fabric covered I really wanted to give them a try if not for the absorption properties for the aesthetic value. Once the panels arrived I could easily see that they are well worth the risk. Perfect finishing touch for the room and a noticeable addition to sound control. To kill reflections coming from the hard surface doors I added the "over the door" hangers for mounting and it works nicely without having to permanently mar the door surfaces. The look is better than foam and performance is outstanding.

Excellent product and workmanship

Posted by wpbpete on Aug 23, 2016

I just placed a 2nd order from MixMasteredAcoustics. The great price and free shipping are cherry on top. Strongly recommend!

Wow... great work and fast shipping

Posted by Doug S on Aug 23, 2016

No complaints

Great product!

Posted by Unknown on Mar 31, 2016

I bought these to treat a small home studio control room. Great product! Nice construction! Simple installation! I'd recommend double wraps, as even with black, the single wrap of burlap still allows the frame to be seen. Really great product, though!