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Mic Booth Bass Trap - 6' x 6' (6 foot)

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Mixmastered Acoustics folding mic booth doubles as a bass trap when not in use. Unlike a typical vocal cabinet our vocal booth is built with thru-construction and is portable so you can get the most out of your studio space. Fully expands to 72" by 72" (6ft x 6ft).  Choose Microsuede or Burlap fabric wrap.


Size when opened is 72" x 72" x 2" (6ft x 6ft x 2in)

Size when closed is 36" x 72" x 4" (3ft x 6ft x 4in)

Mic Booth Bass Trap - 6' x 6' (6 foot) Reviews

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Gets the job done

Posted by Marcus Perez on Mar 06, 2018

Ordered this mic booth in the confidence I'd receive the same quality as I received in in the 4" bass trap panels Ive also ordered from MixMastered (I give those 5 stars, would order again in a heartbeat). Unfortunately my mic booth does not seem up to par. My major gripe is that the wrap job seems pretty loose, feels like each panel isnt completely filled, which gives it an overall amateurish kind of quality compared to the other panels Ive ordered from them. The only other thing is moving the mic booth while open feels almost flimsy, as if the panels could rip off the hinges, but I'm sure under proper and careful handling, or stationary use it will hold up just fine, however for $650 I was hoping for an overall more "solid" product. Had I seen it in person I probably would have passed for the price and found a different option.